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AMAZONAS Naturprodukte General Information, Organic Certification and Fair Trade, Product Specifications

General Information

Organic Certification and Fair Trade, Product Specifications,
Marketability Certificates, AMAZONAS Flyer ...

Organic Certification and Fair Trade

Our company has been certified ORGANIC since 2005, with identity number DE-007, issued and managed by the certification company PV in Karlsruhe. Even our suppliers have to have their business certified by reputable internationally known certification companies. Strict conditions from pesticide-free farming to gentle processing are a prerequisite.

Organic Certification | Fair-Trade

Product Specifications

Here you will find specifications of our Acai powder, Acerola powder, Aloe Vera juice, Chia seeds, Chlorella tablets, Guarana powder, Lapacho tea, Maca powder and Black Cumin oil products as a PDF file to download.


Marketability Certificates according to Health Claim 

Here you will find the marketability certificates of our Acai, Acerola, Aloe Vera, Catuaba, Chia, Chlorella, Guarana, Jatoba, Lapacho, Maca, Mango and Black Cumin products as a PDF file to download.

Marketability Certificates

Customer information on compliance

Here you will find information on marketability, pesticide residues/heavy metals/mycotoxins/pyrrolizidinal alkaloid/perchlorate, HACCP, allergy management, stock protection treatment, BSE/TSE-free, vegan/vegetarian, packaging materials, nanaotechnology, GMO, safety data sheets/REACH, certification status, product liability insurance, and crisis management.



We would be pleased to send you printed flyers of our Acai, Aloe Vera, Chia, Guarana, Maca, Mango and Black Cumin oil products on demand.


AMAZONAS Newsletter

You can order our newsletter for dealers and wholesalers here.


General Q&A

General questions and answers on our AMAZONAS natural products.

General Q&A

Areas of Use

Our products are ideally suited for further processing to be added to foods.



Terms and current trends: ACE, Clean-Eating, Detox, Energy Shot, Functional Food ...


Code of Conduct for Suppliers

AMAZONAS Natural Products stands behind moral and ethical values and expects its raw material suppliers to respect them and act in the same spirit.

Code of Conduct

White label – paper bags, recyclable, with customer's own labels

We fill the product of your choice for you and have the labels printed according to your wishes and specifications.

White label