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 Jatoba gives energy well into old age, Jatoba (hymenaea courbaril)

Jatoba - tea from jatoba bark

Jatoba bark tea gives energy - for children and into old age

Jatoba (hymenaea courbaril), belongs to the leguminous crops and grows in the Amazon Rainforest as well as parts of Central America. Jatoba has been around a long time among the indigenous groups of the rainforest. Today Jatoba bark tea is very poplar among the workers and farmers in the rainforests of Brazil as it helps them work for longer without getting tired.


Jatoba bark contains considerable amounts of mineral and trace elements such as manganese, silicon and strontium, which are important for nearly all bio-chemical body processes.

Jatoba tea can be given to children and adults for long periods of time at no risk and leads to an improved sense of well-being. Its outstanding effect is that it stimulates and refreshes without containing tannin or any other stimulant.


We obtain our Jatoba from the Amazon region in Brazil.