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AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Organic Certification and Fair Trade

Organic Certification and Fair Trade

Requirements for the marketing of ORGANIC products

BIO Betriebszertifikat

1. AMAZONAS as an importer

  • ORGANIC operating certificate
  • Annual inspection by the controlling authority
  • ORGANIC seal

2. Our suppliers as exporters

  • ORGANIC operating certificate
  • Annual inspection by the controlling authority
  • Export licence from the control authorities

Our company has held the ORGANIC seal since 2005 with the control number DE-007, issued and controlled by Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH in Karlsruhe. Here you can view the certificate as PDF file (German) | For other languages please follow the link below:

Our suppliers also have to have their business certified by internationally recognised testing bodies (e.g. KIWA, Control Union, Ecocert, IBD). Strict conditions from pesticide free farming to care taken in processing are tested and mandatory.

BIO Siegel


The ECO Certificate „ORGANIC seal“
Picture: new European ORGANIC seal
DE - ÖKO - 007

We offer the following products with the ORGANIC seal, which fulfill the conditions mentioned above

  • Acai powder from Brazil
  • Acerola powder from Brazil
  • Aloe Vera juice from Mexico
  • Chia seeds from Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina
  • Chlorella tablets from Asia
  • Lucuma powder from Peru
  • Maca powder from Peru
  • Mango powder from Bolivia
  • Black Caraway Seed oil from Egypt
Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is the label given when the production price for the traded product is normally above the world market price allowing producers in developing countries to achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. In that way producers can expect a higher and more reliable income than is otherwise possible in conventional business. Producers also have to adhere to international environmental and social standards. The fair trade movement is particularly for goods which come from developing countries and are exported to industrialised countries.

Our Fair Trade products:

  • Maca powder and Maca capsules from Peru
activate by Reclay

activate by Reclay

Packaging licensing: System participation, in accordance to packaging verification and in future to the Packaging Act.