Moringa Oleifeira, also called „Miracle Tree“ and horseradish tree (drumstick tree)


Moringa Oleifeira

What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifeira – also called „Miracle Tree“ and horseradish tree (drumstick tree) – is a quick growing aesthetic tree which originally comes from the Himalayas.

It can grow up to 4m high in just one year and is 15m high when fully grown.

It survives in dry desert climates as well as in the tropical rainforests. Its amazing many health benefits go hand in hand with its great benefits to nature due to its fast growing property, e.g. prevents desert formation and serves as a basis of existence for often very poor natives.

Nearly all parts of the tree can be eaten. The ultimate goodness though is found in its leaves. Moringa Oliefeira is regarded as the absolute ultimate among nutritious plants.

Moringa contains more valuable nutrients together than any other plant does. The high concentration of valuable nutrients is especially useful for people with high nutritional needs like athletes, pregnant women, workaholics as well as for vegetarians.


We obtain our Moringa from Africa (Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania).

Important information about our natural products from Asia

More and more products from Asia and India are being offered on the European Markets as so called high quality organic. Sadly however, what the documents and analyses states does not always conform to the values determined by the laboratories which also carry counter-analyses. There have already been product recalls due to excessive levels of heavy metals or pesticides. In another case, the alleged organic goods had to be re-declared as conventional due to excessive pollution.

This applies to us

Demanding customers must be able to rely on compliance with quality standards. Quality comes at a price.

Our promise

  • Careful analysis by European laboratories
  • Comprehensible documentation
  • Special analyses (such as nutritional values, vitamins, etc)
  • Close cooperation with suppliers
  • Continuous process optimisation in the production chain (e.g. improved drying, ventilation system etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Fairtrade guidelines
  • Individual customer care

We look forward to a good and trusting cooperation, your AMAZONAS Team.