AMAZONAS Acai quality features

Acai Features

AMAZONAS Acai is uniquely natural without any synthetic additives

Our supplier is a professional in anything to do with natural powder extraction. He developed a special recipe based on the characteristic of the fruit exclusively for AMAZONAS. Hand-picked berries are gently made into a valuable and natural fruit powder without the use of synthetic additives, which distinguishes itself with a natural content of polyphenols and is characterised by the typical dark purple colour.

Our partner in Brazil moved the production plant to be in the immediate vicinity of the harvesting ground. That guarantees a short transportation time and above all fresh fruits.

We were there at the picking ourselves, held the fruits in our hands, felt them and tasted them, which gives a particularly close connection to the product. In addition we have a long and trusting relationship with our suppliers which forms the basis for valuable natural products and a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Comparison of Polyphenol Content: Polyphenol is ranked among the best known secondary plant substance, which has great importance for general health and well-being. Cranberry Juice 129mg/100g, Blueberries 500mg/100g, Acai Fruit Powder 3000-6000mg/100g.