AMAZONAS Acai quality features

Acai powder extracts quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Acai is uniquely natural without any synthetic additives

Our partners / suppliers

Our supplier is a professional when it comes to natural powder extracts. He has developed a recipe exclusively for AMAZONAS that is tailored to the properties of the fruit. Hand-picked berries are gently processed into a valuable natural fruit powder without synthetic additives.

The motivation of our Peruvian partners is to preserve the rainforest as their livelihood, not to exploit it. The acai plantations of our suppliers in Pará serve, among other things, the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest in order to preserve biodiversity.

Acai quality characteristics

  • Our acai powder comes from wild harvesting in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • In harvesting the acai fruit, the palm trees suffer no damage, in contrast to the extraction of the popular "hearts of palm", for which the acai palms have to be felled. We try to counteract this by pushing the interest in the valuable acai fruit, away from the palm hearts and the destruction of the acai palms.
  • Our acai fruit powder is characterised by a high proportion of polyphenols, which are among the most powerful antioxidants. You can recognise them by their dark purple, almost black colour, i.e. the darker the powder, the richer it is in polyphenols. Our acai has at least 3000 mg polyphenols (antioxidants) per 100 g acai fruit powder extract.
  • For 1 kg of Amazon acai fruit powder, 18-20 kg of fresh fruit are used, which results in a very concentrated, high-quality acai product. acai product results.
  • Our acai powder is a 100% pure product, without additives, without pesticides, without fillers or separating agents.

Our acai powder variants

  • Organic Acai powder spray-dried (with the high-quality carrier maltodextrin from cassava)
  • Organic Acai powder dried (new drying process without carrier)
Comparison of Polyphenol Content Acai- Blueberries
Comparison of Polyphenol Content Acai- Blueberries
Comparison of Polyphenol Content: Polyphenol is ranked among the best known secondary plant substance, which has great importance for general health and well-being. Cranberry Juice 129mg/100g, Blueberries 500mg/100g, Acai Fruit Powder 3000-6000mg/100g.