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Aloe Vera Quality Features: our Aloe Vera plants are cultivated in Mexico by a small, very reliable and engaged company

Aloe Vera quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Organic Aloe Vera Direct Juice and Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our aloe vera plants are cultivated, harvested and processed in Mexico and Spain by small, very trustworthy and dedicated farms following the guidelines of controlled organic cultivation.
  • Our raw material suppliers are members of the International Aloe Science Council, which sets quality criteria, certifies the products and is involved in the education of the effects.

Aloe Vera Quality Characteristics

  • Our organic aloe vera juices are extracted by hand directly from the inside of the leaves of the fresh plant.
  • All raw materials are carefully selected and meet the highest quality standards.
  • We do without any additives such as thickeners and preservatives.
  • Through a special harvesting and manufacturing process, our juice achieves a high aloverose content even with a minimum of fibres and thus ensures a pleasant drinking experience (without much fibre, which can make swallowing difficult)

Our aloe vera range

  • BIO Aloe Vera with Agave and Lemon Juice: Unique combination of 100% natural ingredients, convinces with its versatile effect and delicious taste
  • BIO Aloe Vera Juice, 100 % natural, top quality
  • Aloe Vera Skin Gel consists of 99 % aloe vera leaf gel, highly concentrated, absorbs quickly, leaves skin feeling velvety soft. (from 200 kg of aloe vera gel, 1 kg of aloe vera powder is obtained, from which the aloe vera skin gel is made)

Customer testimonial on aloe vera juice

"TOP quality. I have finally found a juice that fully convinces me in terms of quality. I have already tried many aloe juices. I drink it regularly as a cure, one month of aloe, then a break, then another month and I feel well cared for and strengthened. There is now also an aloe juice with lemon from Amazonas, which I unfortunately can't find online and had to order from a pharmacy. It tastes like a dream and without any additives, everything is just natural. Conclusion: I can warmly recommend the Amazon products!