AMAZONAS Black Cumin: Information about our black cumin products
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AMAZONAS Black Cumin

Information about our black cumin products

Black Cumin Product Description

Black cumin (nigella sativa), is a spice plant from the buttercup family which is not related to caraway or cumin. After flowering this cultivated plant develops capsules similar to poppy seeds in which the seeds of tthe so-called black cumin, are found. Black cumin is grown mainly in Asian and Oriental areas where it finds enough sun to thrive.

Black Cumin Product Description

Black Cumin Quality Features

Our black cumin seeds come from the biggest oasis in Egypt - „El Fayoum“ which means „Vegetable Garden of Cairo“. This area west of the Nile was once marshland. Today it is regarded as an ideal growing area, in which particularly high quality plants thrive, among others our black cumin.

Black Cumin Properties

Black Cumin Harvest and Production

The plant forms fruit capsules after having been in blossom and gradually dies from the bottom. Harvesting starts as soon as the capsules become brown. The ripe black cumin seeds shimmer matte black and give off a pleasant scent, which is similar to aniseed.

Black Cumin Production Steps

Black Cumin Range and Nutritional Values

Available as bulk or packaged:

  • ORGANIC Black cumin oil
  • Black cumin capsules

Black Cumin Product Range and Nutritional Values

AMAZONAS ORGANIC Black Cumin Oil, pure cold pressed black cumin oil from controlled organic cultivation

Black Cumin Products

AMAZONAS ORGANIC Black Cumin Oil, pure cold pressed black cumin oil from controlled organic cultivation.

Quality Features

AMAZONAS black cumin oil is 100 % pure oil from first pressing and contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fats and natural vitamin E.
AMAZONAS has been developing and selling natural products of the highest quality for more than 25 years

Black cumin trading goods Products for wholesale

Amazonas Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is a manufacturer / importer / supplier and wholesaler of black cumin oil (conventional), black cumin oil (organic certified) and black cumin oil capsules. We supply the wholesale trade, retail trade (commercial traders) and resellers as well as processors in the food industry. As a private end consumer, you can buy our black cumin products in retail shops, organic shops and organic supermarkets and in pharmacies or order them directly from us.

Black cumin wholesaling, direct selling – we sell wholesale to distributors or retailers and converters.

03295390 Black cumin Capsules 68 g | 11606674 Black cumin Oil BIO 250 ml Amazonas natural products black cumin capsules and black cumin oil (organic) from Egypt from first pressing Stamp pressing: cold pressed, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial. Immune system and intestinal health. Nigella sativa.