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Guarana Quality Features: our Guarana comes from little groups of farmers from north Brazil, especially from the Amazon area
the optimal energy booster for all sporting and mental challenges

Guarana powder extracts quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Guarana is unique

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our guarana comes from small farming communities in northern Brazil, mainly in the Amazon and the state of Pará, where the best guarana thrives.
  • Most guarana bushes grow wild. New bushes are planted in harmony with nature, without clearing.
  • This method of cultivation is particularly ecological, as it does not destroy the natural environment and does not deplete the nutrient-rich soils.

Guarana quality characteristics

  • Our guarana powder is not irradiated to prevent mould growth, but gently sun-dried and then spread out in protected huts, post-dried.
  • Guarana owes its unique effect to its natural caffeine, which is bound to plant fibres, tannins and dietary fibres contained in the guarana seed. This complex serves as a kind of storage for the caffeine, from which it is slowly and gently released to the body over several hours.
  • The natural caffeine content of the original guarana from the Amazon region is approx. 4%.
  • Thanks to a proven, gentle and combined sun- with oven-drying as well as professional processing, our guarana has no aflatoxins (moulds), the PAH4 values are far below the limit for NEM (PAHs arise, for example, through smoke development in unprofessional use).

Our Guarana variants

  • Guarana powder and capsules in organic quality
  • Guarana powder in wild quality
  • Guarana power bars

Guarana and coffee – the caffeine comparison:

Guarana and coffee – Comparison of caffeine content
Guarana and coffee – Comparison of caffeine content
Duration of effect / Stimulation/effect
Coffee (1 cup), 1- 3 hours works quickly, decreases quickly
Guarana (1 portion), 6 – 8 hours works over a longer time, increases slowly

Customer review of Guarana powder

I'm more the lazy type, but since I've been taking the powder, I'm quite fit and take on a lot more! :)

I stopped drinking coffee 4 months ago and have been looking for alternatives to caffeine ever since. The guarana powder is great in fruit juice or tea and I find it much stronger than coffee. Top alternative!

Guarana makes awake without the disadvantages of coffee (roasting substances, short). Amazon guarantees natural content: -unroasted(!) -without additives -natural harvest -fair trade -pricey enough.