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Lapacho Quality Features: bark teas are collected from the wild and are harvested using sustainable methods

Lapacho wild growth quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Lapacho - harvested according to the conservation harvesting method

Our partners / suppliers

  • The Lapacho bark tea from AMAZONAS comes from wild collections and is obtained by our supplier according to the principle of the preserved harvesting method.
  • For our Brazilian supplier, who harvests his bark teas with a lot of passion and experience, a preservation of the trees to secure his livelihood and the constant high quality of his products is the highest goal
  • Only a small part of the bark is ever removed, thus ensuring the preservation of the tree. In this way, the rainforests are used in an ecologically sensible way, not exploited and destroyed.
  • In the meantime, the timber industry has also discovered the business with lapacho bark and offers it at ridiculous prices on the international market. The valuable Lapacho trees are felled mercilessly and without consideration for the concerns of nature, and the bark, which is only a waste product for them, is thrown away. Only those who are willing to pay a reasonable amount for a valuable lapacho tea support the preservation of the rainforest.

Lapacho quality characteristics

  • Our Lapacho tea is made exclusively from the inner, red bark of the trunk, whose unique nutrient complex is now prized worldwide.
  • In addition to calcium, iron and potassium, the bark also contains rare trace elements such as strontium, barium, iodine and boron, which are often lacking in the human body.
  • In the rainforests of Central and South America, lapacho tea has a long tradition. The Incas called lapacho the "tree of life" and drank it to alleviate their ailments, and even today lapacho is used in the hospitals of South America as a strengthening tea.

Our Lapacho variants

  • Lapacho bark tea cut
  • Lapacho bark tea ground

Customer review of Lapacho Tea

TOP for health ! I can recommend it immediately. I have had problems with my intestines for several years and therefore lack important minerals and vitamins. Before buying, I read various articles about the tea and ordered it immediately. It tastes like black tea with a hint of vanilla. Drink about 2 glasses a day. Preparation: Boil 1 l of water and 2 big tablespoons of tea for about 5 minutes and let it steep for 15 minutes. Later pour through a sieve. Then pour it into a bottle. Fact is ... I feel better!!!