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AMAZONAS Mango powder is uniquely natural without any synthetic additives

Mango fruit powder quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS - high quality mango fruit powder

  • Our supplier is a dedicated family business which has specialised in the manufacture of high quality powder extract. Isr. Moacir has set his production plants in the middle of nature in order to minimise transport times and ensure the freshness of the raw product. He follows the principle of sustained farming: high quality raw products, gentle production methods whilst preserving the rainforests.
  • Decades of experience and intensive team work with our suppliers at the plant has allowed us to produce a special recipe together, which includes the whole spectrum of natural ingredients coordinated without the addition of synthetic additives, as found in the majority of standard products. Our products are completely natural and we are proud of this.

Advantages of our Mango powder compared to fresh Mango

Fresh Mango:

  • Fresh Mango fruits are very valuable. They are however not found in a ripe state very often in Europe.
  • Mango fruits mature from the inside. If they are harvested too soon, the valuable substances are lost.
  • The skins of conventional mango fruits are often polluted and can cause allergic reactions.

Fresh 100 % pure Mango powder:

  • Made from sun-ripened fruits.
  • All the valuable ingredients are preserved due to an extremely gentle production method.
  • Contains Vitamin A (current laboratory values are available)
  • Releases the flavour of a ripe mango.
  • Ideal for adding to chocolate, muesli, pastries, yoghurt, ice cream ...
  • Ideal for out and about due to its light handling (no tedious peeling).