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AMAZONAS Guarana Information about our Guarana Products

We are producer, supplier and wholesaler of guarana products, guarana powder
and guarana capsules in organic and conventional quality

Guarana directly from the importer – AMAZONAS Guarana
and Organic Guarana

AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is an direct importer of guarana and manufacturer, producer and wholesaler of guarana powder, guarana capsules and guarana bars. As a supplier of guarana, you receive our goods in bulk (bulk goods) or packaged (with or without AMAZONAS label). To the AMAZONAS Guarana product range.

Our B2B distribution supplies guarana powder and guarana products to traders, wholesalers for resale and bulk consumers in the food or industrial sector. As a producer of guarana, we serve the entire supply chain for guarana products from raw material sourcing, product development and manufacturing, packaging and distribution to resellers or consumers. If you have any questions or requests regarding our guarana powder or guarana products, we look forward to hearing from you. Here you will find contact/order details for end consumers.

Information about our Guarana Products

Guarana Product Description

Guarana, lat. paullinia cupana, is a climbing plant from the soapberry family, native to the tropical rainforest. The natives discovered this climbing plant with its red fruit and dark seeds long before the first European settlers set foot in the Amazon. They called it „warana“ which later became Guarana.

Even today the seeds are pressed into the shape of a stick by the Indians and pulverised using the raw tongue of the Pirarucu fish and used as a pick-me-up and food substitute.

Guarana Product Description

Guarana: Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the guarana plant
  • Why is the guarana tree also called the soap tree?
  • Is guarana healthy?
  • What are guarana seeds?
  • What does natural caffeine in guarana mean?
  • Difference between caffeine extracted from guarana and caffeine extracted from coffee bean
  • How long does it take to show an effect?
  • Take guarana on an empty stomach?
  • Is guarana suitable for children?
  • Effects compared to ginseng, matcha and mate
  • Dosage, overdose. Are there unhealthy side effects?
  • How long does the effect of guarana last?
  • Is guarana powder more effective?
  • Durability and storage of guarana powder
  • Does the effect of guarana improve in combination with maca?
  • Is there also guarana tea, what is its ingredient?
  • Are there allergies to guarana?
  • Difference in effect between guarana powder and guarana powder extract

Guarana FAQ

Guarana Quality Features

Our Guarana comes from little groups of farmers from north Brazil, especially from the Amazon area and the state of Para, where the best Guarana grows. Most Guarana shrubs grow in the wild. New shrubs are planted in harmony with nature without having to clear forests.

Guarana Properties

Guarana Harvest and Production

The harvest season starts in November and lasts until February/March. Guarana is not a mono-culture. The Guarana shrubs grow among a wide range of other plants and are very spread out. The harvest helpers cover 5-10km per day on uneven beaten paths on hilly land in the harvesting season– it is an extremely tiring job.

Guarana Production Stages

Guarana Range: Bulk / Loose Goods

Guarana available as bulkware:

  • ORGANIC Guarana Premium Powder
  • ORGANIC Guarana Powder
  • Guarana Powder
  • ORGANIC Guarana Veggie Capsules 600 mg
  • Guarana Powder Extract (to order)

Guarana Product Range Bulk / Loose Goods

Guarana Range packaged and Nutritional Values

Guarana available as packaged:

  • ORGANIC Guarana Powder
  • Guarana Powder
  • Guarana Power-Chocolate Bar

Guarana Product Range packaged and Nutritional Values


AMAZONAS ORGANIC Guarana Premium Powder

Guarana Products

AMAZONAS ORGANIC Guarana Premium Powder: Micro-biological values correspond to the pharmaceutical requirements, perfected, gentle handling at low temperatures in specially developed drying plants guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Quality Features

AMAZONAS Guarana: learn more about the natural caffeine in Guarana, which is on its plant fibres, tannins and dietary fibres which are contained in the Guarana core.
AMAZONAS has been developing and selling natural products of the highest quality for more than 25 years

B2B sales and wholesale of guarana fruit powder extracts, guarana fruit powders, guarana fruit extracts

AMAZONAS is guarana producer / importer / wholesaler / supplier

Amazonas Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is manufacturer / importer / supplier and wholesaler of Guarana powder (conventional) and Guarana tablets. As a B2B distributor, we supply wholesale, retail trade (commercial traders) and resellers as well as processors in the food industry with guarana. As a private end consumer you can buy our guarana products in retail shops, organic food shops and organic supermarkets and in pharmacies or order directly from us.

Guarana B2B wholesaling, direct selling – we sell wholesale to distributors or retailers and converters.

04534690 Guarana-Powder 1000 g | 04860142 Guarana-Powder 100 g | 07606177 Guarana-Power Chocolate Bar| 14323824 Guarana-Capsules BIO 90 g | 15331180 Guarana-Powder BIO 100 g Amazon Natural Products BIO guarana powder and guarana capsules, guarana power bars with guarana powder from Brazil from wild collection: natural caffeine, concentration, attention, fatigue, exhaustion, alertness, performance, sports, fitness, endurance, headache, appetite suppressant. Paullinia cupana stimulant.