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How our Chlorella powder is produced: Chlorella algae grow far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities in the sunny Chinese province Fujian

Chlorella powder and tablets production and producers

How is our Chlorella powder produced?

Chlorella Algae Cultivation

Chlorella algae from our producers grow far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities in the sunny Chinese province Fujian. There it is free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins. The water in the breeding tanks comes from deep inside the earth and is carefully filtered before being used for the production of algae.

Cultivation, Harvest and Drying of Chlorella Algae, Tabletting of Chlorella powder

Chlorella Algae Harvest

The Chlorella algae thrive outstandingly in the breeding tanks. The harvest takes place as soon as the OD-level (optical density) meets the standard. The first Chlorella harvest takes place after one to two months, after that it can be harvested at intervals of seven to ten days.

Spray Drying

The Chlorella mass is dried using the spraying-drying process under constant monitoring of the start and end temperature. Chlorella drops are sprayed in a kind of chamber where the contained water is immediately vaporised. This method mean that the valuable nutrients are nearly preserved.


The Chlorella tablets are made without the addition of any auxiliary ingredients or additives in compliance with strict hygiene standards. Every batch is tested micro-biologically for its purity. The tablets are then packaged into vacuum-sealed aluminium bags.


We obtain our Chlorella from the province of Fujian in China.

Chlorella Algen Rohstoffe direkt vom Erzeuger - faire Preise unterstützen die Farmer


We buy our raw products direct from the producers, pay fair prices and support the farmers.

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