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Catuaba tea products

Catuaba bark tea product range

Catuaba Products BULK (loose goods)

Catuaba Tea BULK (loose goods)

Catuaba Tea

Composition: 100 % pure Catuaba bark, cut
Containers: 25 kg sacks
Origin: Brazil

Catuaba products packaged

Catuaba Tea 100 % pure Catuaba bark

Catuaba Tea

Ingredients: 100 % pure Catuaba bark, cut

Origin: Brazil

Recommended Intake: heat 1 heaped tablespoon tea approx. 5 minutes in ½ litre water and leave to brew for about 15 minutes. Sweeten with honey. A little squeeze of lemon juice whilst pouring the tea helps the mineral elements to be liberated optimally.

Catuaba bark teas are available in the following variations:

  • Packaged: 1000 g bags