Chlorella Quality Features: our Chlorella-Algae are cultivated in certified organic aquacultures in the Pacific

Chlorella algae powder quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Chlorella powder made from algae that have been left in their natural state

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our chlorella algae from certified organic aquaculture come from suppliers in the Pacific island groups of Quemoy and Matsu, which belong to the Chinese province of Fujian. The highest standards in cultivation and processing and constant monitoring guarantee the consistently high quality of AMAZONAS chlorella products. Our algae, cultivated exclusively in spring water, are pressed into tablets without auxiliary substances or additives.

Chlorella quality characteristics

  • Our algae, cultivated exclusively in spring water, are processed into powder or pressed into tablets without any auxiliary substances or additives.
  • The natural content of iron and vitamin B12 is exceptionally high in our chlorella algae.
  • Our chlorella products are made from algae whose multi-fibrous membrane layers are not broken down by another processing step, because only the multi-layered cell walls of the chlorella algae can unfold the full cleansing potential of the algae and are responsible for the ability to bind and eliminate unwanted substances in the body.
  • For this, you have to accept that the nutrients from the algae are more difficult to obtain. Conclusion: Anyone who is certain of good digestion and who is primarily concerned with the ability to cleanse should opt for a natural chlorella product with complete cell walls.

Our chlorella range

  • Organic Chlorella Tablets without additives, 100 % natural
  • Organic chlorella powder without additives, 100 % natural

Comparison of iron content:

Chlorella Comparison of iron content
(soya beans, spinach, beetroot)