Chlorella Quality Features: our Chlorella-Algae are cultivated in certified organic aquacultures in the Pacific

Chlorella Quality Features

AMAZONAS Chlorella is unique

  • Our Chlorella-Algae are cultivated in certified organic aquacultures in the Pacific Island group Quemoy and Matsu, which belong to the Chinese province Fujian. Highest standards in cultivation and processing and constant monitoring guarantee the consistently high quality of our Amazonas Chlorella products. Our algae are cultivated exclusively in spring water and formed into tablets without any other additives or auxiliary ingredients.
  • The natural iron and vitamin B12 content, which varies greatly depending on the cultivation area and production method, is especially high in our Chlorella algae.
  • Our Chlorella products are produced from algae, which are left in their natural state, as the multi-fibre membrane layers are not broken by an extra processing step.
  • Only the multi layered cell walls of the Chlorella algae can develop the cleaning potential of the algae and are responsible for its ability to bind to unwanted substances in the body and help flush these toxins out of the body. As a consequence one has to accept that the nutrients in the algae are not so easily absorbed into the body.
    Conclusion: Those who have a good digestive system and are interested in its detoxifying ability should chose a natural product with complete cell walls. Should problems with digestion develop, reduce the dose of Chlorella for a few days and then slowly increase it again or change to a Chlorella form where the cell walls have been pulverised.

Comparison of iron content:

Chlorella Comparison of iron content
(soya beans, spinach, beetroot)