Chlorella for a healthy detoxification, Chlorella Micro-algae have a long tradition in Asia


For a healthy detoxification

The Chlorella algae, which rank as the oldest forms of life on the earth, changed the once bleak surface of our planet into a green environment. It is the first known form of plant life to have a cell nucleus. In contrast to the Spirulina algae, Chlorella is a "real"plant with cell walls and cellulose. It is thought to be the most highly concentrated plant based foodstuff in existence.

Micro-algae, which have a long tradition in Asia, consist of approx. 60 % vegetable protein and owe their green colour to the high chlorophyll content.


The human body has an amazing capacity to protect itself from external, harmful influences. For this it needs a good store of nutrients which can be supported by special food supplements.

Chlorella algae contain considerable amounts of zinc and iron as well as many amino acids. Chlorella distinguishes itself with its particularly high chlorophyll content, which is the valuable sun-store of plants. There are people who say that chlorophyll, although it is not a nutrient as such is also of particular importance to humans. Chlorella algae are also valuable providers of vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin B12.

Our Chlorella products are produced from algae, which are left in their natural state, as the multi-fibre membrane layers are not broken by an extra processing step

Only the multi layered cell walls of the Chlorella algae can develop the cleaning potential of the algae and are responsible for its ability to bind to unwanted substances in the body to help flush these toxins out of the body. As a consequence one has to accept that the nutrients in the algae are not so easily absorbed into the body.

Conclusion: Those who have a good digestive system and are interested in its detoxifying ability should chose a natural product with complete cell walls. Should problems with digestion develop, reduce the dose of Chlorella for a few days and then slowly increase it again or change to a Chlorella form where the cell walls have been pulverised.


We obtain our Chlorella from the province of Fujian in China.