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Acai: The power berry direct from the Brazilian Rainforest

Acai, cell protection and antioxidants

The power berry direct from the Brazilian Rainforest

Acai, lat. euterpe oleracea, is a small dark red to black berry that grows at a height of about 25 m on the clumps of the acai palm. The wild acaipalms can be found throughout the Amazon region.

The harvest is laborious. Locals climb up the high trunks, cut off the clumps weighing up to 6 kg and then shimmy to the next palm.

The acai harvest does no harm to the palm itself. To obtain the popular palm hearts „Palmito“ from the acai palm, on the other hand, the whole tree has to be felled. By buying the acai fruit and not using palm hearts, we are making a small contribution to the preservation of the valuable acai palms.

The acai fruit was once discovered by the indigenous people of the Amazon region and included in their diet. From an ecological and nutritional point of view, acai berries are now among the most valuable treasures of the Amazon. The acai market has become a significant source of income for Brazil and also provides small farmers with a secure livelihood.

As a nutritious and natural power drink, acai has been experiencing an unstoppable boom for several years, especially among people who are active in sports. It is impossible to imagine Brazil's sports studios and fruit bars without acai. The seeds of the fruit are also used in many ways - as seeds, in pet food and for making native jewellery.

Health Effects

Especially during mental and extreme physical exertion, a sufficient supply of anti-oxidants is important, which high-quality natural products like acai contain.

Our Acai contains at least 3000 mg polyphenole (antioxidants) per 100 g Acai fruit powder extract.

Important note

Acai powder is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


We obtain our Acai from the Amazon region of Pará in Brazil and Bolivia.

Frequently asked questions about Acai

Acai origin, shelf life, properties, quality

Origin of acai berry

Acai berry origin

The tropical berry grows in the peaks of the "Acaipalms", lat. Euterpe oleracea, also called cabbage palms. In its native land the palm is called Acaizeiro, hence the name Acai for the berries. The acaipalms are native to the Amazon rainforest, which stretches from Brazil, through Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Up to 1,000 berries can grow on a single palm branch. They are 1 to 2 cm in size, weigh approx. 2 g and consist of 90% of a kernel. In Brazil, acai is very popular and is highly sought after in fitness studios or fruit bars together with guarana as a delicious energy smoothie.

Shelf life of fresh Acai fruit

Acaifruits consist of 90% of a kernel, only their skin is edible. After pitting, the acai berries are immediately processed into a fruit powder or puree, otherwise they will spoil quickly after a few days.

How can the consumer recognise good Acai quality?

Acai fruit powders with a high content of polyphenols are dark purple, almost black in colour. The darker, the richer in polyphenols the acai powder is. The taste is earthy and nutty, a rather unusual note.

The higher the ratio, the higher the quality of the acai product. For 1 kg AMAZONAS Acai fruit powder, at least 18-20 kg of fresh fruit are used. Amazonas Acai powder is produced without additives such as fillers or release agents. This testifies to a high-quality, 100% pure product.

Acai Früchte am Strauch: Eigenschaften der Acaibeeren

What are the characteristics of acai berries?

The acai berry is mainly valued for its antioxidant content. They are rich in minerals such as calcium, trace elements such as manganese and antioxidant anthocyanins (dark red plant pigment). Anthocyanins, which belong to the polyphenol group, are mainly found in dark berries, they protect the body's cells from free radicals.

Differences to blueberry, elderberry, blackberry, currant

The content of polyphenol in blueberries, blackberries, elderberries and currants is between 200-800 mg, while AMAZONAS Acai fruit powder contains 2,000-6,000 mg polyphenols. Our local berries, also processed as powder, do not contain the high antioxidant content of the Acai fruit powder.

Is acai heated during processing and is there a risk of contamination?

AMAZONAS Acaipowder is produced by a newly developed method which Refractance Window Drying Technology, which is one of the most gentle methods of drying fresh fruit at low temperature. Contamination is impossible with our Acaipowder, because it is produced according to strict, international hygiene regulations and samples are taken during the processing and examined in laboratories. In addition, counter-analyses are carried out here in Germany in recognised laboratories to guarantee the high quality.

How much manganese do AMAZONAS Acai products contain?

According to analysis by a recognised laboratory, our caipowder contains approx. 0.8 mg manganese per recommended daily amount of 5 g of caipowder. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) gives an estimate of 2-5 mg of manganese per day as an appropriate intake. Manganese is mainly a component of enzymes in the body. It ensures the energy supply of the cell and plays an important role in the formation of connective tissue, cartilage and bones.

Are there side effects associated with high doses of Acai?

Acaipowder usually contains about 15 mg manganese / 100 g, which corresponds to 0.8 mg manganese in the daily recommendation (5 g acaipowder). According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the adequate intake of manganese for adults is 3 mg per day. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) gives an estimate of an adequate intake of 2-5 mg of manganese per day. A significantly higher intake of manganese can possibly have a negative effect on iron intake, but you would have to consume 4-5 times the recommended amount of acaipowder to reduce the absorption of iron.

Lose weight with Acai berries?

Acai boosts the metabolism, is rich in vitamins and fibre, can help you lose weight and is filling.

pure acai powder

Disadvantages of acai in capsule form

Most capsules contain fillers and release agents in addition to acaipowder, so capsules are not suitable for consumers looking for a pure, pure acaipowder.

Acai Beeren in Körben
Acai berries in baskets

What does cell protection mean?

Acai fruits

Cell protection means protecting healthy body cells from toxic effects. The key to health and well-being are our body cells. Every single one of them is comparable to a small biochemical factory, in which thousands of metabolic processes take place every second. For these processes to run smoothly, the cells need a lot of protection and care. Because their condition determines our performance and energy, our metabolism, our psyche, our resistance and last but not least our biological age.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are the opponents of free radicals and are also known as radical scavengers. Antioxidants have to be ingested through the diet. Antioxidants include vitamins such as vitamin C, A and E, minerals and secondary plant substances such as polyphenols.

How do antioxidants work?

Antioxidants help our body fight against free radicals. These highly reactive oxygen compounds are produced by the body itself, on the other hand they are caused by harmful external influences such as cigarette smoke, environmental toxins or UV radiation from the sun. If there are too many free radicals in our body, so-called "oxidative stress" occurs, which causes cell damage and accelerates the ageing process, diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and cancer and causes our skin to age more quickly.

Important information about our natural products from Asia

More and more products from Asia and India are being offered on the European Markets as so called high quality organic. Sadly however, what the documents and analyses states does not always conform to the values determined by the laboratories which also carry counter-analyses. There have already been product recalls due to excessive levels of heavy metals or pesticides. In another case, the alleged organic goods had to be re-declared as conventional due to excessive pollution.

This applies to us

Demanding customers must be able to rely on compliance with quality standards. Quality comes at a price.

Our promise

  • Careful analysis by European laboratories
  • Comprehensible documentation
  • Special analyses (such as nutritional values, vitamins, etc)
  • Close cooperation with suppliers
  • Continuous process optimisation in the production chain (e.g. improved drying, ventilation system etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Fairtrade guidelines
  • Individual customer care

We look forward to a good and trusting cooperation, your AMAZONAS Team.