Acai: The power berry direct from the Brazilian Rainforest


The power berry direct from the Brazilian Rainforest

Acai (euterpe oleracea), is a small dark red to black berry, which grows in big clusters on 25m high Acai palms. These wild growing trees can be found all over the Amazon region.

The harvest is really hard work. Natives climb up the tall trunks, cut off the clusters which can weigh up to 6kg and then shimmy on to the next palm tree.

The Acai fruit was first discovered by the natives of the Amazon region and became part of their diet.

The berries are now one of the most valuable treasures of the Amazon region from an ecological and nutritional perspective. The Acai market has become an important source of income for Brazil and also offers smallholders a secure livelihood.

Acai has experienced an unstoppable boom for several years as a nutritional and natural power drink, especially among physically active people. Acai now plays an indispensable role in sports studios and fruit bars in Brazil. The seeds of the fruit are also used in a variety of ways – as seeds, in animal feed and for the production of local jewellery.

The Acai harvest does no harm to the palm itself. However, to obtain the popular “palmito” palm hearts from the acai palm, the whole tree has to be felled. AMAZONAS only buys the Acai fruits and not the palm hearts, thus making a small contribution to the preservation of the valuable Acai palms.

Health Effects

Deficiency symptoms often occur especially from mental and extreme physical exertion, due to an insufficient supply of antioxidants, which high quality natural products such as acai can provide.

Our Acai has at least 6000 mg polyphenole (antioxidants) per 100 g Acai fruit powder extract.


We obtain our Acai from the Amazon region of Pará in Brazil and Bolivia.

Important information about our natural products from Asia

More and more products from Asia and India are being offered on the European Markets as so called high quality organic. Sadly however, what the documents and analyses states does not always conform to the values determined by the laboratories which also carry counter-analyses. There have already been product recalls due to excessive levels of heavy metals or pesticides. In another case, the alleged organic goods had to be re-declared as conventional due to excessive pollution.

This applies to us

Demanding customers must be able to rely on compliance with quality standards. Quality comes at a price.

Our promise

  • Careful analysis by European laboratories
  • Comprehensible documentation
  • Special analyses (such as nutritional values, vitamins, etc)
  • Close cooperation with suppliers
  • Continuous process optimisation in the production chain (e.g. improved drying, ventilation system etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Fairtrade guidelines
  • Individual customer care

We look forward to a good and trusting cooperation, your AMAZONAS Team.