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AMAZONAS Collagen for skin
AMAZONAS Collagen for joints

Collagen products know-how and product description


"Collagen vegan" from amino acid complex.

100 % pure, vegan, without additives perfect for all those who want to protect and build up their joints.

Collagen Properties

Collagen Know-how

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body and is often described as the primary structural protein, which gives stability to our tissues, skin and ligaments as well as to our cartilage and joints and holds them together.

Background info and advantages of "vegan collagen" compared to animal origin

  • The body's own collagen, with a share of 30 %, is the most frequently represented protein in the human body and provides support for bones, tendons, joints and keeps skin and connective tissue elastic.
  • Animal collagen is produced outside the body from animal raw materials and usually consists of individual long protein chains (correctly amino acid chains).
  • Alternatively, amino acids are produced by a fermentation of microorganisms (such as probiotic bacteria), which in turn are needed to build collagen in the body, hence the name "vegan collagen".

This amino acid complex (vegan collagen) is superior to collagen of animal origin in many respects

  1. Since collagen of animal origin is broken down into individual amino acids in the body after consumption, we can also supply our body directly with all the important amino acids ("vegan collagen") instead of taking the diversions via animal collagen.
  2. Since the amino acids of the "vegan collagen" are already freely available and thus immediately ready for use, the biological availability is higher than with animal collagen.
  3. The collagen of animal origin can also transmit diseases or pathogens and cause allergic reactions.
  4. Furthermore, the production of collagen of animal origin is not sustainable.

Kollagen products

AMAZONAS Collagen bulk

Collagen Booster

AMAZONAS "Collagen vegan" from amino acids complex.

Quality Features

AMAZONAS “Collagen vegan” from amino acids complex – 100 % pure, vegan, no additives perfect for anyone looking to protect and build their joints.
AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbH

B2B sales and wholesale of collagen goods

AMAZONAS is collagen powder producer / importer / wholesaler / supplier

Amazonas Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is manufacturer / importer / supplier and wholesaler of vegan collagen powder. As a B2B distributor, we supply wholesale, retail trade (commercial dealers) and resellers as well as processors in the food industry.

Collagen wholesaling, direct selling – we sell wholesale to distributors or retailers and converters.