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AMAZONAS Collagen Mixtures / Booster

"Happy Cell" Collagen Booster – Protective shield against ageing of the skin, for natural beauty and youthful firm skin.

The AMAZONAS collagen boosters secret of its unique anti-ageing effect is all thanks to Acai and Acerola fruits which ripen under the tropical Brazilian sun all year round where they are processed into a high quality fruit powder. The manganese in the Acai berry stimulates the formation of connective tissue, whilst vitamin C in the Acerola cherry protects the skin from free radicals. This in conjunction with bio-active collagen creates a unique formula.

Collagen Booster Properties

Collagen Know-how

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body and is often described as the primary structural protein, which gives stability to our tissues, skin and ligaments as well as to our cartilage and joints and holds them together.

This also explains the Latin translation of the word  "colla" which means glue, so “holding together”.

Looking more closely collagen consists of single protein components, so-called amino acids.
Glycine, lysine and proline are the most common amino acids  found in collagen.

How is collagen powder produced?

The collagen powerder in our "happy cells" is produced using a patented procedure.

The native* collagen is washed, homogenised and demineralised and then collagen in the form of gelatine can be gained by taking out the water.  The process of hydrolysis continues to produce collagen hydrolyzate, whose sensory qualities (taste, smell and solubility)and effectiveness cannot be compared to gelatine. Further special peptide sequences are gained by enzymatic breakdown of collagen hydrolyzate.

What is a collagen hydrolyzate?

Our collagen hydrolyzate is a complete collagen product, which means that type 1, 2 and 3 are covered.

Types Areas
Collagen Type 1 bones, ligaments, tendons, skin (anti-ageing)
Collagen Type 2 fibrous, hyaline and elastic cartilage
(ideal for joint problems and arthritis)
Collagen Type 3 skin, heart, cartilage
Collagen Hydrolysat Combination of these three types

Another advantage of collagen hydrolyzate is its great solubility even in cold water and lastly that the body absorbs it more easily.

Collagen raw materials

Collagen can only be found naturally in humans and animals. The raw ingredients for consumer products made out of collagen must therefore come from animals. The animals most often used as a source are pigs and cows.

The cheapest and thus usually chosen option is production from pig rind.

Our high quality collagen found in "happy cells" is only produced from beef skin, taken from animals from grazing livestock and who have not been given antibiotics.

How does our own body produced collagen work?

Collagen consists of three polypedtide chains which are thrown together that they form macro molecules in the form of a triple helix. Due to the unique structure collagen can form itself into fibrils and form thicker fibres which form a collagen scaffold and give the connective tissues the necessary stability.

What does bio-active collagen mean?

Bio-activity in its original meaning is the influence of a substance on a living being, the effect that this substance has on the living organism. Bio-active indicates the promotion of the body's own regeneration possibilities.

What effect do bio-active collagen peptides have?

They stimulate our skin metabolism from the inside and counteract the loss of the collagenous matrix. The results following a collagen therapy are significantly firmer skin, a reduction in cellulite and quicker and better nail growth.

The unique peptides are recognised by the fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of the skin as collagen fragments and stimulate the collagen metabolism in this way in order to counteract the collagen breakdown in the dermis. The results is a considerably higher production of dermis collagen and in general of the extracellular matrix.

Studies show a significantly higher skin elasticity of up to 15%, even weeks after last using our collagen product.

Just 2,5g collagen powder a day leads to a higher concentration in pro-collagen in the skin (60%) and to a pronounced reduction in wrinkles. The amount of cellulite also becomes visibly less after 3 to 6 months which is due to the regeneration of the dermis density and the subcutaneous tissues. Fortunately the collagen from the inside also has an effect on the growth and health of the nail. Brittle, fragile nails with irregularities on the nail edges grow quicker, harder and longer.

Collagen production in the body

The body's own collagen production slowly but steadily decreases from the age of 25 at which point the natural ageing process sets in.

The ageing process becomes apparent at about the age of 35 with the onset of wrinkles in the face and thinning hair. Environmental factors such as sun, smoking and many other factors can increase this development..

Collagen given to the body in the form of our "happy cells" can help to counteract this natural ageing process.  

How to take collagen

Collagen is taken with food with some fluid. An alternative is also to take the collagen after physical activity as the body is more receptive to nutrients then. 

Recommended intake of our "Happy Cell" Collagen Booster: two heaped teaspoons (equivalent to 6 g) simply stir daily into muesli or yoghurt or mix into a glass of juice, water or under smoothies.

Collagen powder and muscle building

It has been found that glycine is able to promote the process of muscle building because anabolic signals in the muscle are stimulated, which can lead to quicker building of muscle.

It makes sense to use collagen to supplement other protein sources. In addition collagen can have a positive effect on the regeneration of muscles.

Areas of application

Collagen powder contains neither fat nor sugar, cholesterol or purine. Due to exceptional solubility in water and very little frothing, it is ideal to use stirred into water, juice and other liquids.  Collagen peptides survive in foods like soup, protein bar and even jelly babies and produces its effects when eaten.

The special feature of our collagen booster "happy cells"is the unique recipe made from high quality ingredients:

  • Acerola powder delivers natural vitamin C which helps to fuse proteins and other substances to collagen fibres in turn strengthening the connective tissue. Furthermore natural vitamin C protects our skin from free radicals.
  • Our Acai has a high share of manganese, which also stimulates the connective tissue.
  • Bio-active collagen from beef skin stimulates the collagen metabolism.
  • All three of these components help to stimulate the formation of collagen. All the components together as a complete "power-trio" strengthen the effects in a natural and very effective way.

Collagen booster product range

* What is the difference between native and denatured collagen?
A distinction is made between denatured collagen (e.g. gelatine, the structure of which is destroyed due to heat treatment and which is mainly used in food production - gelatine is, for example, the denatured form of native collagens of types 1, 2 and 3) and native collagen, with an undestroyed, natural form, which is mainly used to support health. Various environmental influences can subsequently change the structure of native collagen and denature it. Translated with (free version)

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Collagen Booster

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AMAZONAS “Happy Cells” Collagen Booster – unique recipe made from pure Acai-, Acerola- and bioactive collagen powder.
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