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AMAZONAS Moringa Facts about our Moringa Products

We are producer, supplier and wholesaler of moringa products, moringa powder,
moringa tea, moringa leaves and moringa tablets / pellets in organic quality

Moringa directly from the importer – AMAZONAS Organic Moringa

AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is an direct importer of moringa and manufacturer, producer and wholesaler of moringa powder, moringa leaves and moringa tablets. As a supplier of moringa, you receive our goods in bulk (bulk goods) or packaged (with or without AMAZONAS label). To the AMAZONAS Moringa product range.

Our B2B distribution supplies moringa powder and moringa products to traders, wholesalers for resale and bulk consumers in the food or industrial sector. As a producer of moringa, we serve the entire supply chain for moringa products from raw material sourcing, product development and manufacturing, packaging and distribution to resellers or consumers. If you have any questions or requests regarding our moringa powder or moringa products, we look forward to hearing from you. Here you will find contact/order details for end consumers.

Facts about our Moringa Products

Moringa Product Description

Moringa Oleifeira – also called „Miracle Tree“ and horseradish tree (drumstick tree) - is a quick growing aesthetic tree which originally comes from the Himalayas.

It can grow up to 4 m high in just one year and is 15m high when fully grown.

Moringa Product Description

Moringa: frequently asked questions

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  • Various names of the moringa plant
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  • Effects of Moringa
  • Minerals in moringa tea for exercise and dieting
  • Does moringa tea contain teein?
  • Differences between Moringa and Matcha
  • Moringa dosage
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  • Is there also Moringa oil?
  • Moringa in cosmetics

Moringa FAQ

Moringa Quality Features

Our partners in Africa have devoted themselves for years to the cultivation of the Moringa with heart and soul.

Moringa Features

Moringa Harvest and Production

Our supplier‘s plantation contains 8,5 ha and has 13.500 Moringa trees. The trunks are cut back as soon as a tree has reached 1.70 m.

Moringa Production Steps

Moringa Range: Bulk / Loose Goods

Moringa available as bulkware:

  • ORGANIC Moringa powder
  • ORGANIC Moringa leaves
  • ORGANIC Moringa Tablets / Pellets

Moringa Product Range Bulk / Loose Goods

Moringa Range packaged and Nutritional Values

Moringa available as packaged:

  • ORGANIC Moringa tablets
  • ORGANIC Moringa powder
  • ORGANIC Moringa tea

Moringa Product Range packaged and Nutritional Values


AMAZONAS ORGANIC Moringa leaf powder

Moringa Products

AMAZONAS ORGANIC Moringa Powder, 100 % pure leaf powder in raw quality.

Quality Features

AMAZONAS Moringa: the leaves are harvested and processed further in compliance with the highest quality standards and strict hygiene rules.
AMAZONAS has been developing and selling natural products of the highest quality for more than 25 years

B2B sales and wholesale of moringa powder extracts, moringa powders, moringa extracts

AMAZONAS is moringa producer / importer / wholesaler / supplier

Amazonas Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is manufacturer / importer / supplier and wholesaler for Moringa Powder (organic certified), Moringa Leaves (organic certified) and Moringa Tablets / Moringa Compacts (organic certified). As a B2B distributor, we supply wholesale, retailers (commercial traders) and resellers and processors in the food industry with moringa. As a private end consumer you can buy our Moringa products in retail shops, organic food shops and organic supermarkets and in pharmacies or order them directly from us.

Moringa B2B wholesaling, direct selling – we sell wholesale to distributors or retailers and converters.

11484633 Moringa Powder BIO 200 g | 12440690 Moringa Leaves Bio 100 g | 12448119 Moringa Tablets BIO 120 g Amazon natural products Moringa powder, Moringa leaves and Moringa tablets (organic) from Africa: antioxidant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, essential nutrients, protein, protein source. Horseradish tree, wonder tree, behen tree, moringa tree: Moringa oleifera.