Acerola Quality Features: AMAZONAS Acerola is uniquely natural, without any synthetic additives

Acerola Quality Features

AMAZONAS Acerola is uniquely natural, without any synthetic additives

  • Our supplier is a dedicated family business, who specialises in the production of high quality powder extracts. In order to ensure short transport times and the freshness of the raw products, Sr. Moacir has placed its production facility in the middle of nature very close to where the fruits grow. He follows the principle of sustainability: high quality raw products, gentle production methods whilst still maintaining the rainforests.
  • Decades of experience and intensive team work with our suppliers on site allowed us to develop special recipes together, which contain the whole spectrum of natural substances which are coordinated without using artificial ingredients, as are found in the majority of standard products. We are immensely proud that our products are totally natural.
  • AMAZONAS Acerola is produced from wild growth using ripe and unripe fruits in order to make the most of the special properties of the respective stages of maturity. Green Acerola cherries contain more vitamin C than more mature fruits. The mature fruits on the other hand contain a whole spectrum of secondary plant extracts. The final product is a valuable natural Acerola powder with all the properties of a fresh fruit.
  • AMAZONAS ORGANIC Acerola powder is produced from unripe fruits due to the higher vitamin C content. For this reason the colour of the powder is more beige/yellow.
AMAZONAS BIO-Acerolapulver wird aufgrund des höheren Vitamin C Gehalts aus unreifen Früchten hergestellt
Vitamin C content of Fruits (per 100g): Orange, Blackcurrants, Yellow pepper