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 Catuaba - the magic potion for man and woman, Catuaba (anemopaegma mirandum)

Catuaba - tea from catuaba bark

Catuaba bark tea is now appreciated worldwide as an energy-giving tea

Catuaba (anemopaegma mirandum), belongs to the family of redwood plants and is at home in the tropical rainforest of South America. The Tupi Indians whose roots are in Brazil describe the special powers of Catuaba barks in their songs and already centuries ago gave the tree the name of „Good Tree“. Today Catuaba tea along with Lapacho tea are regarded as the favourite tea types in Brazil. The red dye of the Catuaba bark is also often used in numerous refreshing drinks in Brazil.


Catuaba rind is rich in mineral substances like magnesium, potassium and calcium and contains considerable amounts of trace elements which humans often don’t have enough of but are indispensable for good bodily functioning.

Catuaba regenerates and pleasantly refreshes and is valued as a tea which increases ones energy throughout the world. Catuaba tea is suitable for both adults and children alike and can be enjoyed over a longer period of time. The tea is suitable for refreshing and regenerating and that without containing theine or any other stimulants.


We obtain our Catuaba from the Amazon region in Brazil.