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Moringa Quality Features: we support Moringa projects in Africa and South America
healthy moringa smoothies for a pleasant feeling of well-being

Moringa leaves quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Moringa is unique – we support Moringa projects in Africa

Our partners / suppliers

  • In Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia, our suppliers and partners have been passionately growing moringa for more than ten years. The optimal, sunny climate ensures the highest possible nutrient content of the tender moringa plants.
  • The organic certified moringa farms, where mainly local farmers and ranchers are employed, are managed according to fair-trade conditions.
  • In compliance with the highest quality standards and strictest hygiene regulations, the harvest and all necessary production steps up to the moringa powder are carried out in the highest quality with the best possible nutrient content.

Moringa quality characteristics

  • We guarantee a naturally pure, pesticide-free moringa powder of the highest possible purity from 100% moringa leaves. Microbiological and heavy metal tests, carried out in German laboratories, confirm the purity and quality.
  • Freshly picked and hand-picked moringa leaves are gently cleaned and dried to guarantee the raw food quality and to preserve the sensitive nutrients.
  • The bright light green Moringa powder convinces with its freshness and mild taste.
  • Moringa keeps our vessels clean and purifies the blood. In the meantime, there are clinics that successfully use Moringa as an anti-inflammatory natural product concomitantly.
  • The high proportion of essential amino acids – which our body cannot produce itself – optimises the oxygen supply in the body.
  • The natural vitamins E and vitamin C in our moringa products help to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Our Moringa product range

  • Organic Moringa powder, 100% natural
  • Organic Moringa leaves, hand-picked
Moringa Comparison of Vitamin E Content
Moringa Comparison of Vitamin E Content
Comparison of Vitamin E Content (per 100g): Pine nuts, Hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds

Customer review of Moringa powder

Moringa powder is extracted from the leaves of the moringa trees and these are considered the most nutrient-rich plants on earth and are now also widespread in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Both the fresh and dried leaves are eaten in many variations in many developing countries and are used to combat widespread malnutrition. In our country, moringa is better known as a food supplement. I also tried it because the facts made me so curious. Why? Moringa contains twice as much calcium as milk. It has a lot of vitamin B2 and vitamin E and I can mix it into my morning smoothie. So for me, it's a clear winner.