How our Aloe Vera juice is produced

Aloe Vera Production

How is our Aloe Vera juice produced?


Our Aloe Vera plants are grown using organically controlled procedures by our Mexican suppliers.

Harvesting / Processing

After the harvesting which takes place by hand, the Aloe leaves are cleaned in a water bath. Subsequently the lower leaves, the outermost leaf tips and the short, sharp spikes are removed using a special knife. In the next step the highest leaf layer is carefully pealed on the top and under side of the leaf without damaging the plant‘s vessels and discarded. Although many larger companies now use machinery, our supplier continues to do this complex filleting by hand. In this way it can be guaranteed that all the leaf components, which can contain the bitter substance aloin (aloe latex) are all really completely removed. The inside of the leaf, in which the aloe gel can be found, is finally laid out on a work surface and graded. Only the best pieces are used to extract the juice in a modern steel press.

Further Processing

In order to make the Aloe juice long-lasting without preservatives, it has to be pasteurised, which means heating it to 80 °C for a few seconds. Due to the juice being very alkaline and the fact that microorganisms breed very quickly in this environment, citric acid (under 1 %) is added to stabalize the PH value.


We obtain our Aloe Vera from Mexico, Tamaulipas region.

Aloe Vera Gel Rohstoffe direkt vom Erzeuger - faire Preise unterstützen die Farmer


We buy our raw products direct from the suppliers, pay fair prices and support the farmer.

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