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AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Marketability Certificates


Marketability Certificates for Acerola, Aloe Vera, Catuaba, Chia, Chlorella, Collagen, Guarana, Jatoba, Lapacho, Maca, Black Seed

Product Marketability Certificates
Acerola ORGANIC Acerola Powder
ORGANIC Acerola Tablets
Acerola Powder
Acerola Tablets - provided on demand
Aloe Vera ORGANIC Aloe Vera Juice
ORGANIC Aloe Vera Gel
Catuaba Catuaba Tea
Chia ORGANIC Chia Seeds
Chlorella ORGANIC Chlorella Tablets
Guarana Guarana Powder
Jatoba Jatoba Tea
Lapacho Lapacho Tea
Maca ORGANIC Maca Powder
Black cumin Black Cumin Capsules
Black Cumin Seed Oil

Federal Office Certificates for Consumer Protection and Food Safety

We will be happy to provide these on demand .