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Maca Quality, supplier is a Peruvian family business
for less stress and more serenity

Maca powder quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Maca is unique – from yellow, red, black and purple maca roots

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our suppliers are predominantly Peruvian family farms or smaller companies with teams of specialists for gentle cultivation methods and product-specific processing of native plants.
  • Such bundled expertise and our 20 years of experience enable us to produce natural products of the highest quality, where knowledge of the best harvest time, optimal storage and gentle processing of the products guarantee success.

Maca quality characteristics

  • We use yellow, red, black and purple maca roots in a balanced ratio to take advantage of the specific properties of each variety to produce a high quality maca powder
  • The tubers are sun-dried, disinfected with biodegradable lemon extract and gently dried at a maximum of 40 °C hot air for about 4 hours. Adherence to the temperature as well as reaching a maximum of 7 % final moisture in the roots is the top priority in order to preserve the valuable ingredients.
  • Our pure maca powder contains all important minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, as well as valuable secondary plant substances, whereas in gelatinised maca powder important ingredients are lost due to the high manufacturing temperature.
  • Amazonas Maca powder is 100 % natural, without additives unlike Maca extracts, which are produced water- or alcohol-based.

Our Maca variants

  • Organic maca powder 100 g and 500 g tins
  • Organic maca capsules with acerola, the natural vitamin C
  • .
Maca Comparison of calcium content
Maca Comparison of calcium content
Comparison of calcium content (per 100g): Hen's egg, Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Hazelnuts

Customer reviews of Maca powder

Dear Amazonas Team, we have been buying your Maca powder for years with conviction and discover time after time that it is the best powder available on the German market. Unlike other Maca mixes it tastes so good that we use it every day like a cocoa drink stirred in water. Many thanks to the whole team and your suppliers – please keep up the good work!

Open the lid and a great aroma hits you! I have never used maca powder before. I have already tried several recipes with the powder and I must say, it is really delicious and keeps its promise.

Explanation and differences to Maca powder dried and Maca powder gelatinised:


Sliced Maca roots are pressed through an extruder (two counter-rotating threaded screws), whereby the starch chains (Maca consists of approx. 80% carbohydrates) are broken and shortened. This process is called gelatinisation. The Maca pieces are then dried at low temperature before being ground into a natural, 100% pure powder.

Advantages of gelatinised Maca powder over dried Maca powder

  • the powder is easier to digest (for people with sensitive digestion)
  • is more easily absorbed by the human organism
  • is highly soluble
  • ideal for tablet pressing
  • higher dosage, ratio: 4:1

Advantages of dried Maca powder over gelatinised Maca powder

  • Raw food product
  • contains a complete enzyme and vital substance profile
  • including mustard oil glycosides
  • this group of substances is anti-cancer and immune-boosting