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AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Company History and Values

Company History and Values

AMAZONAS – first company to import and distribute guarana on the German market

Helga Zeck, Geschäftsführerin AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbHIt all started in Bavaria at the Sport University of Munich. Sport was always my passion – where it is about performing, finding your own limits and staying fit.

As well as my Sports Studies, I trained to be a diving, surfing and ski instructor, added a distance learning course in Business Studies and took various foreign language courses.

After my studies I wanted to satisfy my thirst for adventure and went travelling for three months in the mysterious Amazon region. I had always been fascinated by the amazing and colourful range of unknown plants and exotic fruits. I really wanted to bring the fruits of the jungle back to Europe and founded the company AMAZONAS in 1990. There were many hurdles to overcome but after long and tight confrontations with the various authorities, I was the first company to be finally allowed to distribute Guarana on the German market. Persistence and optimism were and are to this day the key to my success: AMAZONAS is now globally recognised as a specialist in exquisite natural products.

Much more than just a supplier – rather a partner

An intensive and trusting relationship connects me to our producers in South America, with whom I visit the various growing areas on my regular trips. I am able to learn about the processing of the raw materials in the production plants themselves and can discuss any areas of improvement as necessary. With my knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese I am able to communicate with small family businesses who work with an incredible passion and with a lot of dedication to cultivate and further process their plants. The main priority is to maintain the living environment as well as an innovative and gentle processing which is crucially important to ensure the quality of the product.

Quality has priority

We are proud of our high quality, unique and meaningful products. We develop special recipes according to the various products along with experts in order to maintain our health and fitness in a very natural way. We sell products which the natives use as cures.

Amazonas is natural and modern

That is not a contradiction. Our small and flexible company structure enables the realisation of totally individual customer wishes – quickly and reliably. We are open to ideas and productive criticism – all feedback is welcome. We have profound specialised and thorough knowledge of our products due to many years of personal contact to commodity traders., which our customers very much appreciate and make use of.

We offer:

  • Fair prices – we buy our raw products directly from the producers, pay fair prices and support the farmer.
  • Precise knowledge of the production process – from cultivation to the end product.
  • Raw products entirely from uncontrolled growth, biological and GMO-free crop production.
  • We work in collaboration with international laboratories (microbiological analyses, tests for heavy metals, special nutritional analyses)
  • Road-worthiness assessment, which guarantee secured sales.
  • A highly motivated team.

We are pleased to supply detailed information, photos, analyses, certificates and our ‚know-how‘ to you as our customer.

Welcome to Amazonas!

25 Jahre AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbH
Trust our many years of experience and knowledge.
For 30 years we have been developing and distributing natural products of the highest quality.