AMAZONAS Mango Information about our Mango Products


Information about our Mango Products

Mango Product Description

The Mango tree is always green and grows to up to 45m in height.  Its pink coloured blossom smells of lilies. Mango needs 3 to 6 months in order to mature after it has blossomed. The ripe fruits are up to 2 kg in weight, hang on long stalks and look like Christmas baubles. They display various shades of green, yellow and red.

Mango Product Description

Mango Quality Features

Our supplier is a dedicated family business who has specialised in the manufacture of high quality powder extract. Sr Moacir has set up his production plant in the middle of nature in order to minimise transport and ensure the freshness of the raw product.

Mango Properties

Mango Harvest and Production

The ripe mangoes are harvested from December to February and then transported straight away to the manufacturers in Sao Paulo. There they are washed in large containers with cold water.

Mango Production Steps

Mango Range and Nutritional Values


  • ORGANIC Mango fruit powder

Mango Product Range and Nutritional Values


Mango Products

AMAZONAS ORGANIC Mango Powder, BULK (loose goods).

Quality Features

AMAZONAS Mango: fresh 100 % pure Mango powder, made from sun-ripened fruits. Ideal for adding to chocolate, muesli, pastries, yoghurt, ice cream.
AMAZONAS has been developing and selling natural products of the highest quality for more than 25 years

Mango trading goods Products for the wholesale trade

Amazonas Naturprodukte Handels GmbH is manufacturer / importer / supplier and wholesaler of Mango Fruit Powder. We supply the wholesale trade, retail trade (commercial traders) and resellers as well as processors in the food industry. As a private end consumer, you can buy our mango powder products in retail shops, organic food shops and organic supermarkets and in pharmacies, or order them directly from us.

Mango wholesaling, direct selling – we sell wholesale to distributors or retailers and converters.