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Yacon powder products

Yacon powder extracts and Yacon chips product range

Yacon products BULK (loose goods)

ORGANIC Yacon Powder BULK (loose goods)

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Composition: 100 % pure fruit powder in raw quality
Package Size: 1 kg bags
Origin: Peru
Application: as taste enhancer, additive in sausage products, as fat replacement, as sugar replacement in all foods (e.g. smoothies, chocolate, muesli, tablets, drinks etc)

Areas of use

Yacon powder for industrial use / food industry:
  • Our yacon powder is ideal for adding to sweeten smoothies and to round off bitter tasting powder mixtures.
  • Yacon may be used as a sugar replacement and the product then sold as “sugar free”.
  • Meat and sausage producers appreciate the light sweet aroma and the fact that yacon increases the fibre content in meat products.
  • It is also very popular as a fat substitute, it makes dishes creamier and transforms a low fat quark into a delicacy.
Yacon powder for Smoothies
Yacon powder for sausage products
Sausage products

Yacon Product filled in tins


ORGANIC Yacon Powder

Ingredients: 100 % pure Yacon fruit powder

Origin: Peru

Recommended Intake: : For daily use: As required mix approx. one level tablespoon (approx. 12 g) yacon powder to sweeten yoghurt, muesli or smoothies. Important: Only use powder with a dry spoon. Close the tin straight away after use,, 100% pure yacon powder is extremely sensitive to oxygen.

Yacon powder is available in the following variations:

  • Packaged: 240 g container

GVO-free according to organic regulation

Nutritional Values: per 100 g per 12 g
Calorific Value: 1151,8 KJ/276,9 kcal 138 kJ/33,2 kcal
  of which saturated fats Fettsäuren:
0,3 g
0,2 g
< 0,01 g
< 0,1 g
  of which sugar:
41,5 g
41,3 g
5,0 g
4,9 g
Fibre: 49,3 g 5,9 g
Protein: 2,4 g 0,3 g
Salt: 0,19 g 0,02 g
Oligofructose + Inulin: 37,0 g 4,4 g

Important information:

Due to the high fibre content of over 12 g / 100 g, our yacon powder may be called a natural "fibre source".

Why are non-digestible carbohydrates so important?

Carbohydrates affect the blood sugar level with varying intensity. This property is measured by the glycaemic index. At the top of the list are short-chain, easily digestible carbohydrates. These include sugar. Immediately after consumption, they cause a sudden rise in the blood sugar level and thus provide a short-term energy boost. At the very bottom of the glycemic index are carbohydrates from beans and whole grains, including inulin and oligofructose. These reach the large intestine undigested and lactic acid bacteria are there ready for consumption. This creates a healthy intestinal flora in addition to the advantages for the blood sugar level. Translated with (free version)