Black Cumin Golden oil of the Pharaohs, Black cumin, lat. nigella sativa

Black Cumin

Golden oil of the Pharaohs

Black cumin, lat. nigella sativa, is a spice plant from the buttercup family which is not related to caraway or cumin. After flowering, this cultivated plant develops capsules similar to poppy seeds in which the seeds of the so-called black cumin are found. Black cumin is grown mainly in Asian and Oriental areas where it finds enough sun to thrive.

Black cumin is regarded in many places as the most successful natural remedy in the last ten years. In the Orient, the oil has been highly regarded for more than 3000 years as a spice and natural remedy. The Islamic Prophet Mohammed wrote the following symbolically meant sentence in his book "Hadith", "black cumin is the cure to all diseases except death".


Laboratory studies have revealed that the unsaturated fatty acids in the poppy-like black cumin seeds serve as a preliminary stage for the synthesis of our body substances prostaglandin E1 and E2 and therefore have a direct influence on our immune system.


We obtain our black cumin from Egypt, oasis El Fayoum.