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Black Cumin Quality Features: AMAZONAS black cumin oil is 100 % pure oil from first pressing
lightness and well-being

Black cumin oil quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS black cumin oil is a 100 % pure oil from first pressing

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our black cumin seeds come from suppliers in the largest oasis in Egypt – "El Fayoum", which means "Cairo's vegetable garden". In the past, this area west of the Nile was a marshland. Today, it is considered an ideal cultivation area where particularly high-quality plants thrive, including our black cumin.

Black cumin quality characteristics

  • Egyptian black cumin is considered the most valuable. The black cumin oil extracted from it convinces with a pleasant mild taste.
  • The oil is extracted by a particularly gentle stamp pressing, so that all valuable ingredients are preserved.
  • AMAZONAS black cumin oil is a 100 % pure oil from first pressing and contains a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamin E.

Our black cumin range

  • Organic Black Cumin Oil
  • Organic black cumin seeds (on request)
  • Organic black cumin capsules, 100 % natural

Black cumin seed comparison

We thought about what we could compare this extraordinary effect of black cumin with. There is nothing like it.

Black seed oil is extraordinary, enigmatic and highly effective.

Customer review on organic black cumin oil

I take the organic black cumin oil to support my immune system, especially for the respiratory tract. This oil tastes mild and I tolerate it very well. Will stay with this quality. Super fast delivery, everything went top.