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About AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Handels GmbH: Company History and Values | Team | Quality

The Brazilian rainforest

The green lung of the world

AMAZONAS stands for unique natural products.
We import and distribute high-quality fruit powder extracts, mainly from South America.
Our name speaks for our connection to the largest biotope on earth, to the "green lungs of this world".

The rainforest gives us air to breathe. And yet it continues to be destroyed every day. Commercial slash-and-burn and deforestation on a dramatic scale are causing the green lungs to dwindle. Our credo is not only to maintain high quality standards for our products, but also to make a small contribution to preserving the Brazilian rainforest.

Our raw materials, such as acai, acerola, camu camu and guarana, come from wild and sustainable cultivation, always in harmony with nature. The rainforest is an important livelihood for the local population, who respectfully and consciously cultivate, harvest and process our fruits.

About AMAZONAS Naturprodukte Germany

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Company History and Values

It all started in Bavaria at the Sport University of Munich.  Sport was always my passion – where it is about performing, finding your own limits and staying fit. As well as my Sports Studies, I trained to be a diving, surfing and ski instructor, added a distance learning course in Business Studies and took various foreign language courses.

After my studies I wanted to satisfy my thirst for adventure and went travelling for three months in the mysterious Amazon region. I had always been fascinated by the amazing and colourful range of unknown plants and exotic fruits. I really wanted to bring the fruits of the jungle back to Europe and founded the company AMAZONAS in 1990. There were many hurdles to overcome but after long and tight confrontations with the various authorities, I was the first company to be finally allowed to distribute Guarana on the German market. Persistence and optimism were and are to this day the key to my success: AMAZONAS is now globally recognised as a specialist in exquisite natural products.

Company History and Values

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Quality Guarantee

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Quality Guarantee

Travel Report Brazil

AMAZONAS in the rainforest – Expedition „Guarana“

Travel Report Brazil


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Help Project in Brazil

We support a child help project in Brazil: Donating for a future-oriented education and leisure activities.

Help Project in Brazil