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How our mango powder extract is produced

Mango production and producers

How is our powder extract produced?

Mango Harvest

The ripe mangoes are harvested by our producers from December to February and then transported straight away to the manufacturers in Sao Paulo. There they are washed in large containers with cold water.

Mango fruit powder production

Mango Powder Production

They then go into quarantine which they can only leave after passing laboratory tests. The chosen fruits are then processed in a special pool into a viscous fluid.

The production of the powder extract takes place with the addition of the carrier Organic Maltodextrin in ultra modern dry sprayers. The end product trickles directly out of the spray towers into 25 kg sacks.

There is a final laboratory analysis of the end product and a sample is stored before the Organic mango powder is stapled for transport on palettes.

All our suppliers are exclusively small, committed family businesses, whose motivation is the preservation of their livelihood, the rainforest and not to exploit it. The fruits whether, Acerola, Guarana, Mango or Acai, are part of their lives, they grew up with and value them in a very particular way.


We obtain our mango from Brazil, Bahia region.

Mango Rohstoffe direkt vom Erzeuger - faire Preise unterstützen die Farmer


We buy our raw products direct from the producers, pay fair prices and support the farmers.

Please contact us if you have any questions,
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