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Yacon Quality Features - AMAZONAS Yacon supplier is a small, certified family business in the Peruvian Andes
for a healthy gut

Yacon powder quality and suppliers

AMAZONAS Yacon – tradition, years of experience and dedication to yacon products

Our partners / suppliers

  • Our supplier is a small, certified family farm in the Peruvian Andes that grows according to organic guidelines.
  • Everything is coherent here: Tradition, years of experience and dedication to the product are the recipe for success for first-class quality.

Yacon quality features

  • Yacon is rich in inulin and oligofructose, which are polysaccharides, one of the most natural sugar substitutes. Inulin and oligofructose are important prebiotics that, due to their indigestible fibre, can reach the large intestine, where they serve as food for the natural intestinal bacteria. These "good" bacteria are responsible for a healthy intestinal flora, which have a positive influence on our immune system and on our digestion.
  • Prebiotics are soluble dietary fibres which, due to their ability to bind and swell water in the stomach and intestines, stimulate digestion and provide a longer feeling of satiety.
  • Yacon is an ideal sugar substitute for diabetics, hence the name "diabetic potato". The fructooligosaccharides cannot be absorbed by the body like other sugars, instead they are used to lower the high levels of glucose production in the liver, thereby reducing fasting glucose. This is especially important for diabetics. Some research also shows that yacon root increases the body's insulin sensitivity, reducing or decreasing the risk of insulin resistance.
  • Sausage and meat producers appreciate the slightly sweet flavour and the fact that yacon increases the fibre content in animal foods.
  • Yacon makes dishes creamier and transforms, for example, a low-fat curd cheese into a delicacy.
  • Our yacon powder is produced without additives, is 100 % natural.

Our Yacon Product

  • Organic Yacon Powder 240 g tin
Yacon quality features
Yacon quality features

Customer review of Yacon powder

I got to know this plant on holiday in Peru and immediately fell in love with the taste. Afterwards, I searched in vain for a yacon product in our region and recently came across this powder. You can tell directly from the taste that it is a high-quality natural product – great in a smoothie!

For me, yacon powder has become an integral part of my diet. Since I started with the Amazonas Natural Products brand and am totally satisfied with it, I can't say whether other brands are as good or better. I am happy in any case ;)

Important Information:

A food which states "high fibre" must have a minimum 6 g fibre in 100 g or 3 g per 100 kcal (VO(EG) Attachment Nr. 1924/2006).
Our Yacon powder contains 12 g in 100 g.

Why are indigestible carbohydrates so important?

Carbohydrates have different effects on the blood sugar levels. This effect is measured by the glycemic index chain. Easily digested carbohydrates are right at the top of the list. Sugar belongs to one of these. Straight after ingesting sugar there is a sharp rise in the blood sugar levels which creates a short boost in energy. Carbohydrates from beans and whole grain cereal are at the bottom of the list, including inulin.