Yacon Quality Features - AMAZONAS Yacon supplier is a small, certified family business in the Peruvian Andes

Yacon Quality Features

AMAZONAS Yacon is unique

  • Our supplier is a small, certified family business in the Peruvian Andes who cultivates according to biological guidelines. Everything is right here: Tradition, years of experience and devotion to the product which is the success story for first class quality.
  • Our Yacon powder can be called a natural "fibre source" due to its high levels of fibre of over 12 g / 100 g. A food stuff can be called "high in fibre" when there is a minimum of 6 g fibre in100 g and 3 g per 100 kcal respectively. (VO(EG) Attachment Nr. 1924/2006 ).
  • Due to its high Inulin content, which lies by 37 g / 100 g , AMAZONAS Yacon powder counts with a daily ingestion of 12 g (corresponds to 4,4 g inulin) as a prebiotic food.. (A minimum intake of 4 g inulin daily is the requirement). We are happy to provide an in-depth laboratory analysis about these nutrients.

Special features of the Yacon tuber

  • Yacon inulin and oligfructose, which are ranked as polysaccharides, are one of the most natural sugar substitutes. Both have 30-50% more sweetening strength compared to normal sugar and have hardly any calories. Inulin and oligofructose are important prebiotica, which due to their indigestible fibre can progress into the large intestine where they serve as nutrition for the intestinal bacteria. These "good" bacteria are responsible for a healthy intestinal flora, which have a positive influence on our immune system and digestion.
  • Prebiotica are non-digestible fibres which due to their ability to bind water in the stomach and intestines and swell out, improve digestion and create a longer lasting feeling of satiety.
  • Yacon is regarded as a perfect sugar replacement for diabetics, hence the name "diabetic's potato". The fructooligosaccharide can't be absorbed by the body like other sugar, they are instead used more to reduce the high amount of glucose production in the liver and thus reduce the fasting glucose. This is particularly important for diabetics. Some studies show that the Yacon tuber increases the insulin sensitivity in the body and thus reduces the danger of an insulin resistance.
  • Yacon can replace sugars in the food industry, who can then sell the products as "sugar free".
  • Sausage and meat producers appreciate the light sweet aroma and fact that Yacon increases the fibre content in animal food products.
  • Yacon is also very popular as a fat substitute, it makes dishes creamier and transforms a low fat quark into a delicacy.

Important Information:

A food which states "high fibre" must have a minimum 6 g fibre in 100 g or 3 g per 100 kcal (VO(EG) Attachment Nr. 1924/2006).
Our Yacon powder contains 12 g in 100 g.

Why are indigestible carbohydrates so important?

Carbohydrates have different effects on the blood sugar levels. This effect is measured by the glycemic index chain. Easily digested carbohydrates are right at the top of the list. Sugar belongs to one of these. Straight after ingesting sugar there is a sharp rise in the blood sugar levels which creates a short boost in energy. Carbohydrates from beans and whole grain cereal are at the bottom of the list, including inulin.