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Glossar Definitions and Current Trends


Definitions and Current Trends

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  • ACE-Products
    Products to which the three best known antioxidants vitamins A, C and E have been added, mostly as a functional drink.
  • Clean-Eating
    A term that has been widespread in the USA for decades and focuses on unadulterated food, which has not been processed or had additives added for daily nutrition.
  • Detox-Food
    Additives, flavour enhancers, white flour, sugar and salt dominate many regular foods. Therefore, it makes sense to give the body a break from conventional eating behavior from time to time. A course of 1 to 3 detox days or regular detox sessions can help the body to cleanse and adapt.
  • Energy-Shot
    Products which mainly have high levels of caffeine, highly concentrated in little fluid (e.g. 60 ml).
  • Functional Food
    Ordinary foods are often fortified with at least one functional ingredient. Most of the time vitamins and minerals are used. Functional foods must be clearly differentiated from dietary supplements such as vitamin or mineral preparations, which are sold in concentrated and dosed form often as tablets or powder.
  • Health Promise
    The health claims allowed by the EU (Health Claims) ... Link to the official journal of the European Union
  • Health claims
    Claims relating to nutrition and health. On 1st July, 2007 EU regulation 1924/2006 came into force. According to Article 4 of this regulation, food manufacturers may only use nutrition and health claims on foods if they are on a positive list of the EU and at the same time the food corresponds to a specified nutritional profile.
  • Near-Water-Drinks, Aqua-Plus-Drinks
    Water mixed and refined with plant extracts and herbs etc. such as lemongrass, ginger, guarana, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, elderflower and green tea. Fruit vinegar, cane sugar, vitamins and other additives are also used. Some manufacturers use simple carbonated drinking water instead of mineral water.
  • Raw-Food
    It goes without saying that salads, garden and wild herbs and unheated fruit belong to raw food but also many vegetables can be enjoyed raw, i.e. without heating them. Leaves of radishes, celery, beetroot, fennel and kohlrabi can also be used for salads and smoothies.
  • Superfood
    A Superfood is a food with abnormally high levels of nutrients. They take care of our body in a natural way providing it with vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements.