Acerola cherry, natural vitamin C with effect enhancing plant substances


Acerola cherry... natural vitamin C with effect enhancing plant substances

Acerola cherry (malpighia glabra), also known as "Cherry of the Antilles", comes from Central America and is grown today mainly in Brazil. The 2 to 3 metre high shrub, which needs an annual average temperature of at least 26 °C in order to thrive optimally, can produce up to 30kg of fruit per year. The orange-yellow to dark red fruits are the size of cherries and slightly sour in taste and resemble lemons.


The wonderful versatility of natural vitamin C

  • Our acerola powder contains at least 17% vitamin C and other vitamins and a wide range of secondary plant substances. These flavonoids are among the most important mediators that ensure that vitamin C is optimally absorbed by the body to maintain its antioxidant (cell-protecting) effect.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system with a positive effect on the biological age, which is calculated according to the so-called degree of arteriosclerosis, which determines the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  • Antioxidant cell protection is one of the most important properties of natural vitamin C; this makes acerola an anti-aging product
  • Unlike almost all animals, humans cannot produce vitamin C themselves, so they depend on a good and regular supply of natural vitamin C.
  • Acerola cherries are one of the highest providers of vitamin C, on average 100g ripe Acerola fruits contain 17.000 mg Vitamin C, 100 g oranges on the other hand only 50 mg vitamin C.
  • Our Acerola powder is also ideal for all those who are allergic to citrus fruits.

For Your Information

Regulation (EC) Nr. 1924/2006 of the European Parliament significantly limits the nutritional and health related information about the nutritional and psychological effect of food supplements and foodstuffs. The German authorities are much more stringent on this than is the case in many other European countries.


We obtain our Acerola from the Amazon region of Ceará in Brazil.

Important information about our natural products from Asia

More and more products from Asia and India are being offered on the European Markets as so called high quality organic. Sadly however, what the documents and analyses states does not always conform to the values determined by the laboratories which also carry counter-analyses. There have already been product recalls due to excessive levels of heavy metals or pesticides. In another case, the alleged organic goods had to be re-declared as conventional due to excessive pollution.

This applies to us

Demanding customers must be able to rely on compliance with quality standards. Quality comes at a price.

Our promise

  • Careful analysis by European laboratories
  • Comprehensible documentation
  • Special analyses (such as nutritional values, vitamins, etc)
  • Close cooperation with suppliers
  • Continuous process optimisation in the production chain (e.g. improved drying, ventilation system etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Fairtrade guidelines
  • Individual customer care

We look forward to a good and trusting cooperation, your AMAZONAS Team.