Guarana (paullinia cupana), the natural caffeine for mental and physical challenges


The natural caffeine for mental and physical challenges

Guarana (paullinia cupana), is a climbing plant from the soapberry family, native to the tropical rainforest. The natives discovered this climbing plant with its red fruit and dark seeds long before the first European settlers set foot in the Amazon. They called it „warana“ which later became Guarana. Even today the seeds are pressed into the shape of a stick by the Indians, which they pulverise using the raw tongue of the Pirarucu fish and use as a pick-me-up and food substitute.


Unlike coffee, Guarana does not make one nervous but has a pleasant effect regenerating and refreshing body and soul. Its active ingredient caffeine (also called Guaranin) is only released slowly and therefore is kinder on the body due to the high proportion of tanins and raw fibres. The stimulating effect thus lasts 4 to 6 hours without causing any side effects.

Wrongly it is often said that Guranin has a totally different effect than that of caffeine. Guaranin is however an „old“ or different way of saying caffeine.

Often the high caffeine content is criticized, which for every 100g Guarana powder is 3,5 percent. It is overlooked however that not 100g but only 1g powder per portion is used. There is only 40mg caffeine in this small but adequate amount whereas a cup of coffee contains 80mg caffeine.

Guarana is ideal for all those who cannot tolerate coffee but who do not want to miss out on the stimulating effect of coffee. It is suitable for people who are under a lot of stress and for those who want to increase their output in a natural way. It is also particularly great for night owls and long distance lorry drivers who do not want to consume so much caffeine but need to keep alert for hours. In Brazil Guarana is part of daily life and is very widely used by footballers, racing drivers and politicians.


We obtain our guarana from Brazil, the states of Pará and Amazonas.

Important information about our natural products from Asia

More and more products from Asia and India are being offered on the European Markets as so called high quality organic. Sadly however, what the documents and analyses states does not always conform to the values determined by the laboratories which also carry counter-analyses. There have already been product recalls due to excessive levels of heavy metals or pesticides. In another case, the alleged organic goods had to be re-declared as conventional due to excessive pollution.

This applies to us

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